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To utilize this aspect of iFit Live you need a browser display. Meanwhile the treadmill adjusted the incline as we ran up hills. There is also a library of popular routes through city-scapes and National Parks. Competitions — One last feature of iFit live is the ability to compete with others runners.

NordicTrack runs regular races where you can compete against other iFit users. You can view your position in relation to the leader and the pack. Their last race had 2, participants. Your speed is synced with the video, and like Google Maps the treadmill will simulate the terrain as you run. Learn more about this version here.

The NordicTrack Incline Trainers have been a huge success.

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This allows you t simulate walking up and down hills or mountains. The advantage of an incline trainer is that you can get an intense cardio workout without the pounding and stress that comes with running, since you primarily walk. You also can target and trim more of your lower body muscles. Each model comes with speakers and MP3 input. They also each come with iFit programming, smart HD touchscreens, and a pair of adjustable dumbbells to add in an upper body workout.

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See a complete comparison of model features on this comparison chart. It should be noted that many of the major components like motors, belts and rollers and developed in house and are built specifically for their products. This compares to other fitness equipment manufacturers that typically buy components off the shelf. Larger Motors — When comparing specs you will find NordicTrack has some of the largest and most powerful motors for the price.

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Their motors go through stringent testing for fail safe, sound immunity and brush life. In general, they provide higher output at cooler temperatures and are backed with a lifetime warranty. Larger Running Surfaces — Like their motors, NordicTrack offers some of the longest running surfaces for the price.

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Furthermore, they define the length as running surface, not treadbelt. NordicTrack C — Read our full review here. A nice touch over a drab blue backlit display.

You can also visualize the Google Maps features on iFit Live with a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Our team plugged in an iPod when we were last at their facilities and were impressed with the quality and the clarity of the sound. In addition, most treadmills include cooling fans that actually work. Many treadmills have fans that are almost worthless. They have a couple of models where the intensity of fan adjusts to your level of exertion.

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Best Buy Pick! NordicTrack Commercial — Read our full review here. Because of the sheer volume of sales, NordicTrack and their parent company, Icon Fitness, can offer some excellent value. You need to pick and choose because they change up their sales and discounts weekly. One of their current deals is the NordicTrack Commercial Not bad! Until recently, the warranties on NordicTrack treadmills were sub-par.

In the last few years, they have increased the coverage on most of their models and are more inline with the competition. These extended warranties also suggest that the quality of their machines have improved. Due to the volume of NordicTrack sales, it could be difficult to get through to their service department. We met with Dan Jones, Director of customer service and we discussed the issues.

He agreed there had been a problem that was being addressed. In the last several years their service has significantly improved. One of our concerns is their suggested weight limits. In my opinion, just about every manufacturer overrates the weight capacity of their machines, and that is also true with NordicTrack. Use common sense. If you are over lbs. Often the decks are too thin to accommodate the weight, and the motors are not powerful enough.

You want a motor that does not strain at higher speeds, and you want a deck that can withstand the harder impact and provide adequate shock absorption. NordicTrack x9i Incline Trainer — Read our complete review here. Like the American auto industry, NordicTrack has redefined itself in the last several years. In the process it has become a dominating force in the treadmill industry. That is due to the fact the company offers quality machines with some very innovative features at a valued price.

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In general, the competition does not have the financial resources to compete at this level. There are companies that build treadmills comparable in quality, but none can match the specs and features found on most NordicTrack models. Note : We monitor their prices daily, so watch for our recommendations on great deals. These are models that are below their typical selling price.

Sometimes there are killer deals. NordicTrack changes prices twice a week. RW rated the NordicTrack Commercial as one of their top choices. The Kick also has integrated Bluetooth speakers, in case you want to counterbalance the quietness of the treadmill with some loud music. View Deal.

The Bluefin Kick is foldable which makes it easy to store in the spare room or garage where it's most likely going to live. The maximum output of 7 HP enables the Kick to go up in incline and speed quickly, whilst maintaining both only uses 3 HP, saving on energy bills. The running surface consist of 5 layers of anti-static material, no more electric shocks when your feet hits the ground although this also means you will miss out on this extra motivation.

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  • The digital display shows all the basic stats: speed, calories burned, run time and distance. It also comes with Integrated hand sensors for heart rate monitoring. The Bluetooth speakers have enough power to fill a room for added motivation. Get the best sale prices on superb Le Creuset cookware.

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